FMJD : Appel à la jeunesse de Turquie pour la manifestation du 4 septembre 2016

Publié le 27 Août 2016

FMJD : Appel à la jeunesse de Turquie pour la manifestation du 4 septembre 2016



On the night of July 15, Turkey has witnessed an attempted coup which was encouraged by the imperialist forces. This attempted military coup was aiming to purge the “unreliable allies” in the power from the Turkish political scene and to restore the capitalist order in Turkey in coherence with the new climate in Middle East. We strongly denounce the coup plotters who are in line with the imperialist planning in the area of Middle East, in which the Turkish Government has a significant role.

Nevertheless, none of the sides which took part in this inter-state conflict were representing the people’s and youth’s benefits.

Since 2003, under the rule of the AKP (President of the Republic Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s party) the basic labor rights have been extorted, state institutions have been privatised, democratic actions were banned and police brutality against the student youth was normalised. Erdogan and his clique openly have a fundamentalist agenda and they have been serving the US imperialism and the greedy Turkish capitalist class from the very beginning of their political career.

Declaring Erdogan a hero of democracy and taking side with the fundamentalist and pro-market AKP government is equally wrong with expecting help from the coup plotters and the imperialist forces.

Considering these facts, we call the youth of Turkey not to take part in this rivalry between the two fundamentalist forces but to participate to the demonstration which will be held with the title “We will not yield to religious fundamentalism, imperialism and military coups” on 4th of September in Istanbul, organised by numerous intellectuals, trade union leaders and politicians.

As the World Federation of Democratic Youth, we salute the anti-imperialist and revolutionary legacy of the youth of Turkey.

Long live the anti-imperialist, anti-fundamentalist youth struggle! Do not yield! 

WFDY HQ Budapest, August 27, 2016.

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