FMJD : Déclaration pour la Journée mondiale de la jeunesse 2017

Publié le 24 Avril 2017

FMJD : Déclaration pour la Journée mondiale de la jeunesse 2017

WFDY for the International day of youth solidarity


Sixty Years are completed today since the decision of WFDY to establish the April 24th as the World Youth Day against Colonialism and for Peaceful Co-existence, which is known today as the International Day of Youth Solidarity. In a period of history where a lot of peoples of the World, especially from Africa, were living under the threat and control of the colonial rule, WFDY came to associate the 24th of April with the struggle against colonialism for peaceful co-existence.

Today, 60 years after, is even more than necessary to strengthen the solidarity among the youth of the world. The youth as the most militant part of every revolutionary transformation, must follow the path of friendship and solidarity in order to confront imperialism which is the main responsible for the destabilization of peace in the world. The call of WFDY for solidarity with all the causes in the world, not only remains firm until today but also WFDY struggles to reinforce the youth solidarity with those peoples of the world that are victims of the imperialist barbarity.

WFDY calls its members to celebrate the today’s anniversary and to express their solidarity with the peoples and the youth of the world that are struggling against wars, occupations, foreign interventions and fascism. WFDY also stress the necessity in standing in solidarity with the youth that are struggling for their right to access education, health, culture and sports, and for their right to work with rights and enjoy their life with dignity, equality and equity.

Finally by remembering the year of 1957 and the 24th of April, WFDY also remembers the month of July of the same year and the 6th edition of the World Festival of Youth and Students (WFYS) that was held in Moscow. The 19th edition of the WFYS will take place in Russia in the year of 2017, and like then it will promote again the ideals of peace, friendship, solidarity and anti-imperialist struggle.

Long Live the Friendship of the Peoples!
Long Live the International Day of Youth Solidarity!

On Behalf of WFDY
The HQ
Budapest, April 24, 2017

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