FMJD : Déclaration pour le 1er mai 2018

Publié le 1 Mai 2018

FMJD : Déclaration pour le 1er mai 2018
The World Federation of Democratic Youth, calls on its members to commemorate the “1st of May / Labor Day”. 132 WFDY honours Chicago's first martyrs, holding on the same time their ideas and the purpose of their sacrifice, where they remain alive, enhancing the unity of the today’s workers in the struggle for work with rights, peace and social justice.
The struggle and the deaths of Chicago were followed by other struggles; in every corner of the world, the working class fought, struggled and sacrificed even in circumstances where, beyond class oppression, it was also facing the colonial oppression.

The struggle of young people and workers today at the global level is called to challenge the intensification of imperialist barbarity with wars and foreign interventions, at the same time that is threatening and destabilizing peace. The exploitation of peoples is also intensified with the capital aggression against the workers' and the youth anti-imperialist movement becoming even bigger.

Furthermore, conservative, neo-liberal and anti-labour policies continue to push the peoples towards poverty and impoverishment. Precariousness dominates young people and the workers where they face unemployment and labour exploitation and they see the dissolution of their acquired rights. At the same time, young people and workers around the world are deeply concerned with the new wave of aggression manifested by the United States and their NATO allies. This new wave of attacks is the continuation of NATO's imperialist policy, which is aiming at exploiting the natural resources of independent and sovereign states, as well as the control of new markets. The most recent examples of imperialist aggression concern the missile attacks against Syria (April 14, 2018), as well as the ongoing violence and murders against Palestinian children and civilians by the Israeli troops.

Therefore, on this honourable day of struggles and demonstrations, WFDY sends the message of unity and solidarity to all the progressive and democratic young people of the world, inviting them to go forward united with the workers and the popular strata. To intensify their anti-imperialist struggle through the organized struggle, since the future and the wellbeing of peoples, is incompatible with this unfair and exploitative system.
Long Live the anit-imperialist struggle!

Long Live the 1st of May!
On Behalf of WFDY
The HQ

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