FMJD : Déclaration pour le 9 mai, 72ème anniversaire de la victoire des peuples contre le fascisme

Publié le 9 Mai 2017

FMJD : Déclaration pour le 9 mai, 72ème anniversaire de la victoire des peuples contre le fascisme
72 years since the great anti fascist victory of the peoples are completed today! This historical victory of the peoples put an end in the spread of death caused by the most misanthropic and dangerous ideology, by nazifasism .The victory against fascism was written with the blood of 50 millions of people. However, the antifascist victory despite its hard price, created in humanity the hope for a peaceful future, for a future without the domination of imperialism that will always be paid by the peoples.
The victory against nazi-fascism was considered as a strong indication that the future belongs to the peoples which are unite and fight. Within this indication, WFDY was established in the same year with the victory few months later, in order to declare the necessity of the struggle of the youth against imperialism and fascism.
Today, 72 years after, we are facing the spread of fascism again in the whole world, with the purpose to divide and attack the sovereignty of various countries in a way of fulfilling the plans of imperialism. They also attack the unity of the youth and the working class in order to damage the organized struggle. It is not something new, is the same since its very beginning, it is the same tool which is in the hands of imperialism.
Against the efforts of imperialism to falsify the historical truth, the progressive youth of the World are called to remember and condemn fascism. The historical truth is found in the contribution of the Soviet Union to the crush of fascism. It is for this reason that the efforts within EU to equate communism with fascism will never find a reasonable ground. The anti communism propaganda which is the basis of those efforts, will always find on the opposite the militant and progressive youth that struggle against imperialism, for peace and solidarity.
The 9th of May is the memory of the victims of World War II, it is the memory of those who sacrificed themselves against the imperialist ambitions of Nazi=fascism. The so called “day of Europe” cannot replace in the consciousness of the peoples the significance of the day that the peoples of the world defeated fascism. It cannot replace the great contribution of the Soviet Union along with the Communist and Working parties of the world and the peoples that resisted for the anti fascist victory. It cannot replace the fact that in every front the communists pioneered in organising and conducting the resistance against fascism and occupation. It cannot delete from history the decisive role of the USSR in the outright defeat of fascism for the restoration of peace in the world.
Nevertheless, 72 years after we cannot forget the indescribable horror of the concentration camps, the nightmare of starvation, the brutality and the mass slaughters. All those crimes, is what we need to remember when fascism spreads its darkness above the World.
This year WFDY appeals to the youth to join their voices in the upcoming XIX World Festival of Youth and Students, in the massive struggle against imperialist plans, to go hand in hand with the organized struggle, to eliminate the causes that give birth to wars, fascism and anti – popular measures, with the struggle to overthrow imperialism. A struggle that will create the conditions for lasting peace, for a world that will not exclude anyone from the right to life, education, health, work, housing and entertainment.
Long Live the Anti-Fascist Victory of the Peoples!
Long live the struggle against imperialism!
On Behalf of WFDY
The HQ
Moscow, May 9, 2017
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