FMJD : La solidarité et l'amitié entre les peuples pour stopper le terrorisme !

Publié le 13 Avril 2017

FMJD : La solidarité et l'amitié entre les peuples pour stopper le terrorisme !
WFDY for the last terrorist attacks in Russia, Sweden and Egypt
The World Federation of Democratic Youth strongly condemns the terrorist attacks took place during last week.
On the first it was the people of St. Petersburg to face the brutality of a terrorist attack using an explosive device on Arpil 3. The attack took place on the St. Petersburg Metro between Sennaya Ploshland and Tekhnologichesky Institut stations. Seven people (including the perpetrator) were initially reported to have died, and seven more died later from their injuries, bringing the total to 14. Additionally 45 others were injured in the incident.
Later on April 7 the people of Stockholm found themselves under the danger of a terrorist attack after a truck crashed into a crowd on streets of the city. Four people have died and 15 people have been injured by the attack.
The last terrorist attacks took place in Egypt and the responsibility was claimed by ISIS. At least 27 people died in a blast inside a church in the northern city of Tanta, and 78 people were injured. The most recent information provides that the death toll rose to at least 49.
The World Federation of Democratic Youth would like to express its sympathy to the families of the victims of the above mentioned attacks. WFDY also stress that those attacks are considered that are against the total of the populations of Russia, Sweden and Egypt. The experiance provides that this kind of attacks are in fact providing the terror against the people, on the same time that they reinforce repression meassures and xenophobia. Usually the extreme reactionary forces are exploiting these attacks for their own benefit and consequently more problems and difficulties are created for migrants and refugees.
WFDY calls the youth of the world to confront terrorism by joining the anti-imperialist struggle, since solidarity and friendship of the peoples are common elements in this struggle. Terrorism is in fact providing the space for even more imperialist interventions. The reply shall be the friendship of the peoples to constract peace in a World with no discrimination, with equlity and equity. People shall leave together away form dangerous reactionary ideologies.
Budapest, April 13, 2017
The HQ of WFDY


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