FMJD : Solidarité avec le peuple du Bangladesh

Publié le 29 Novembre 2016

FMJD : Solidarité avec le peuple du Bangladesh

In solidarity with Bangladeshi People


Bangladesh and Indian governments’ have joined forces to implement a 1320mW Coal-fired power station in Rampal, Begerhat District, Bangladesh. This project has proposed to be commenced at the end of the year 2016. This proposed project has caused controversy in Bangladesh as it has violated the provisions of the Environmental Impact Assessment. Site of the proposed power station is only 14 kilometers north from the world largest mangroves forest of Sundarbans which is situated in theUNESCO World Heritage Site of Sundrabans.

Sundrabans mangroves ecosystem which is highly sensitive, covers approximately a 20,400km2. Mangrove forests are very beneficial ecosystems for any country. Those provides habitat and nourishment for very large variety of fish, crabs, shrimps and mollusk species. Simultaneously, those prevent the coastline erosion and attract tourists also. Therefore, it is certain that the Bangladeshi citizens hold the Sundraban mangrove forest very precious to them. The Bangladeshi citizens and the generations yet to be born must be entitled to the undisturbed existence of this mangrove forest and it is the duty of the Bangladeshi government to protect it for its citizens.

But the proposed Rampal coal-fired power station will cause severe damages on the environment. Those include water, air and soil pollution. Experts of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Center and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature has also examined and reviewed that the so called power station can cause an irreversible damage on Sundrabans World Heritage Site.

We are aware that over a considerable period of time people stand against and protest against the implementation of the proposed Rampal Power Station. It is the right of Bangladeshi citizens to protect Sundrabans and to live in a healthy environment. But it has been manifested that there are violations of the freedom of expression, freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom of movement and other human rights and suppression on the protesters who struggles to protect the natural resource which is a world heritage. It attention has been drawn to the fact that the government has used police forces to ruthlessly suppress the protesters and the activists are being unlawfully arrested and detained. The some public representatives have threaten and slandered the activists and intellectuals who work and talk in favor of the cancellation of the so called power station. Similarly they are making attempts to paste a false terrorist and racist identity to this movement. But the protesters who represent the will of the Bangladeshi citizens are courageously continuing the movement regardless such suppressions. We highly appreciate the exemplary courage of the Bangladeshi people and their fearlessness to stand against injustice. We make this an opportunity to wish further strength to all protester and victory for the movement.

We, as the World Federation of Democratic Youth vehemently condemn the suppression inflicted on the protesters who demand the cancellation of the Rampal power station and we urge the relevant authorities not to lay hands on human rights of citizens. Simultaneously, we urge themto consider UNESCO findings and to cancel the proposed Rampal coal- fired power station. We invite all the progressive organizations around the world to support and express your solidarity towards Bangladeshi citizens and organizations who demand the cancellation of the proposed harmful project of Rampal coal- fired power station.


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